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Type A Appliances

Residential and small Commercial gas appliances are classified as Type A. Type A appliances are of a type listed on the prescribed list and have a gas consumption of 1000MJ/hr or less. There are specific appliance standards that govern the approval requirements for all of the different individual Type A appliances. Many of these standards restrict the maximum gas consumption further to 500MJ/hr or less. 

Mass-produced Type A appliances are approved for use by certified testing agencies and carry an approval label to this effect. These appliances, generally available from retail stores, can be connected to the gas supply by licensed gas fitters.

In order to provide local industry with the ability to manufacture specialist products, test new and innovative designs or enable the use of diverse appliances, Western Australia provides a second tier Type A appliance approval scheme. A potential Type A appliance with all of the relevant documentation can be submitted to an inspector for testing. If the appliance complies to the relevant legislation for Western Australia then small numbers can be approved for use.

A Type A appliance cannot be sold, advertised for sale, hired or installed unless it is approved.

Type A appliance approval process

Type A appliances fall into a set list of appliance types being found mostly in residential and commercial premises.

This list of appliance types has been compiled and entered into the Gas Standard (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) regulations 1999.  

The majority of Type A appliances are mass produced and will have been approved for use by a certified testing agency.

In Western Australia, Energy Safety provides a second tier approval scheme for low volume, specialist, innovative or foreign design Type A appliances to be approved for use.

An appliance that fits the Type A appliance criteria and can be supplied with all of the relevant documentation, can be submitted to C.G.E Services for workshop testing. If the appliance complies with the relevant legislation for Western Australia then small numbers can be approved for use.

There is an application form that needs to be completed and submitted with the appliance.

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