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Owner of Gas Inspection Perth, Simon started C.G.E Services as an independent gas inspector designated by Energy Safety to provide services for gas appliance approvals and gas installation inspections.

Simon has worked in the gas utilisation industry and has a long history of more than 40 yrs working with all types of gas appliances and installations. 

Starting out as a gas fitter with British Gas in the UK, Simon spent 30 yrs installing, servicing and maintaining a variety of gas installations and appliances. Crossing paths with a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial and industrial, gas installations in breweries and pubs, pharmaceutical, medical, small manufacturing, new construction and office developments are just a small example of the diversity of gas installations in the UK. 

Since moving to Perth, Simon spent some years operating a business as a franchisee with a valued LPG gas supplier before joining the natural gas infrastructure operator as an installation inspector. 

The technicalities of design have always been of interest to Simon and an opportunity arose to transfer into independent appliance approval inspection in early 2012.

Working in Western Australia he has gained new and valuable experience. The mining industries play an important part in the WA economy, the use of gas for production processes and power generation is diverse. The vast area covered by WA doesn’t stop the innovative projects, where a gas pipeline is not available, compressed and liquid natural gas decanting and storage facilities overcome the inconvenience.

If we can help with your gas appliance approval, installation inspection or just a bit of advice don’t hesitate to call.

0458 372 435

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